100 LHCs’ Total Assets Segmented By Ethics Metrics Rating: 1Q2005 to 3Q2018


Ethics Metrics LLC offers ratings and risk analysis on U.S. Depository Institution Holding Companies (DIHCs). We are the only ratings firm that provides clients an understanding of the true financial quality and risk exposure of DIHCs. We rate DIHCs based on financial performance, compliance with federal banking and securities laws and regulations, and analyze undisclosed compliance violations, revealing:

Governance, Risk, Compliance

Effectiveness of: Board of Directors; Governance; Audit Committee; Internal Control over Financial Reporting (ICFR); Compliance and financial performance

Operational Risk

Danger of default; Events of default; Interbank credit agreement changes; OTC bilateral swap agreement risks; Ineffective ICFR; Material omissions, audit risk, fraud; Operational Risk Assessment effectiveness

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