Systemic Risk and Corporate Governance Center


The Systemic Risk and Corporate Governance Center (SRCGC) is an educational alliance by the Founding & Contributing Members of Ethics Metrics, LLC and the Systems and Information Engineering Department of the University of Virginia.

The focus of the SRCGC is on interconnected systemic and governance risks in the U.S. Bank Industry plus potential contagion risks with global equity investors:

  • Systemic Risk (See
    • Address threats to stability of U.S. financial system from
      • Danger of default, default of one or more large, interconnected depository institution holding companies (DIHCs):
        • Assets less than liabilities
        • Losses deplete capital
        • Liquidity, unable to pay bills
        • Bankruptcy
          • Potential contagion risk (FR Y-15 Reports) with
            • other DIHCs and
            • +1,173 Global Institutional Investors Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs) with the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Corporate Governance
    • Address potential violations of the
    • Disclosure violations include the failure to fully and timely disclose supervisory enforcement actions. These risks:
      •  qualify as
        • events of default that trigger liquidity risk
        • material misstatements and accounting fraud (SEC/DOJ)
      • mislead investors
      • impede investor obligations under the U.K. Stewardship Code
      • undermine market integrity

Seminars and Webinars

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