RIA exposure

List of 1,193 Registered investment Advisers (RIAs) with equity investments of $1.1 trillion or 74% of the market value of the covered DIHCs. These are large DIHCs that have assets of $10 billion or more, of which 50% or more are assets of insured depository institutions. Source of data is from 13F filings by RIAs with the SEC as of 9/30/16.

Last updated March 3, 2017.

Registered Investment Adviser (SEC)CountrySignatory to UNPRIEquity Investments in Covered DIHCs
10-15 Associates, Inc.USA$38,022,000
1492 Capital Management LLCUSA$1,759,000
1832 Asset Management L.P.Canada$621,770,000
1st Source BankUSA$21,530,000
3G Capital Partners LPUSA$11,745,000
A.R.T. Advisors, LLCUSA$12,119,000
Aberdeen Asset ManagementUKUNPRI$1,224,075,000
Abner Herrman & Brock LLCUSA$64,450,000
Abrams Capital Management, L.P.USA$122,656,000
Acadian Asset ManagementUSAUNPRI$267,343,000
Adage Capital Partners GP, L.L.C.USA$1,950,234,000
Adams Diversified Equity Fund, Inc.USA$87,192,000
Addenda Capital Inc.CanadaUNPRI$26,733,000
Adell Harriman & Carpenter IncUSA$13,747,523
Advantus Capital Management IncUSA$136,116,000
Advisor Partners LLCUSA$17,667,000
Advisors Asset Management, Inc.USA$80,167,000
Advisors Capital Management, LLCUSA$58,855,000
Advisory Research IncUSA$138,470,000
AEGON USA Investment Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$18,584,000
Afam Capital, Inc.USA$49,195,000
Affinity Investment Advisors, LLCUSA$135,040,000
AGF Investments Inc.CanadaUNPRI$290,572,000
Agran LibbieUSA$11,423,000
AHL Partners LLPUK$138,309,000
Alaska Retirement Management BoardUSA$7,992,000
Alexandria Capital, LLCUSA$27,331,000
Algebris Investments (Uk) LLPUSA$70,351,000
Alleghany Corp /DeUSA$116,145,000
Alley Co LLCUSA$10,951,000
Allianz Asset Management AGGermanyUNPRI$6,002,311,000
Ally Financial, Inc.USA$37,751,000
Alpenglow Capital LPUSA$47,883,000
Alpha Cubed Investments, LLCUSA$10,057,000
Alphaone Investment Services, LLCUSA$6,186,000
Alpine Investment Management, LLCUSA$119,962,000
Alpine Woods Capital Investors, LLCUSA$171,648,000
Alps Advisors IncUSA$39,380,000
Alyeska Investment Group, L.P.USA$380,777,000
Amalgamated Bank of New YorkUSAUNPRI$81,913,000
American Assets Investment Management, LLCUSA$64,634,000
American Century Companies, Inc.USA$5,794,133,000
American Financial Group IncUSA$92,642,000
American National BankUSA$13,190,000
American National Insurance Co /Tx/USA$117,621,000
American National Registered Investment Advisor, Inc.USA$13,969,000
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. (See Columbia Management)USAUNPRI$9,844,743,000
Ameritas Investment Partners, IncUSA$83,961,000
Amf Pensionsforsakring AbSweden$288,648,000
AMG National Trust BankUSA$25,236,000
Amica Mutual Insurance CoUSA$83,728,000
Amica Pension Fund Board Of TrusteesUSA$57,875,000
AMP Capital InvestorsAustraliaUNPRI$681,103,000
Analytic Investors, LLCUSAUNPRI$171,794,000
Anchor Capital Advisors LLCUSA$211,374,000
Ancora Advisors, LLCUSA$30,243,000
Anderson Hoagland & CoUSA$13,712,000
Andra Ap-FondenSweden$151,001,000
Aperio Group, LLCUSA$640,696,000
APG Asset Management NVThe NetherlandsUNPRI$2,858,298,000
Appleton Partners Inc/MaUSA$29,459,000
AQR Capital Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$2,862,002,000
Ar Asset Management IncUSA$9,003,000
Arbiter Partners Capital Management LLCUSA$59,032,000
Archon Partners LLCUSA$14,369,000
Argent Capital Management LLCUSA$177,216,000
Argent Trust CoUSA$11,963,000
Argentiere Capital AgSwitzerland$12,311,000
Argus Investors' Counsel, Inc.USA$12,728,000
Argyle Capital Management Inc.USA$11,896,000
Ariel Investments, LLCUSA$286,865,000
Aristotle Capital Management, LLCUSA$818,148,000
Armstrong Shaw Associates Inc/CtUSA$47,806,000
Arrow Financial CorpUSA$21,977,000
Arrowpoint Asset Management, LLCUSA$82,909,000
Arrowstreet Capital, Limited PartnershipUSA$788,457,000
Artemis Investment Management LLPUKUNPRI$252,784,000
Artisan Partners Limited PartnershipUSA$2,157,779,000
Arvest Trust CoUSA$84,340,000
Associated Banc-CorpUSA$155,331,000
AT BancorpUSA$19,465,000
Atalanta Sosnoff Capital, LLCUSA$220,959,000
Atlanta Capital Management Co. LLCUSA$343,608,000
Atlantic Trust Group, LLCUSA$795,175,000
Avalon Advisors, LLCUSA$142,777,000
Avenir CorpUSA$36,261,000
Aviance Capital Partners, LLCUSA$6,090,000
Aviva PLCUKUNPRI$944,579,000
Azimuth Capital Management LLCUSA$38,226,000
B & T Capital Management Dba Alpha Capital ManagementUSA$11,983,000
Babson Capital Management LLCUSAUNPRI$84,090,000
Badgley Phelps & Bell IncUSA$50,192,000
Bahl & Gaynor IncUSA$611,334,000
Baillie GiffordUKUNPRI$149,076,000
Baird Financial Group, Inc.USA$461,551,000
Baker Avenue Asset Management, LPUSA$21,679,000
Baldwin Brothers Inc/MaUSA$18,100,000
Balyasny Asset Management L.P.USA$662,965,000
BancorpSouth IncUSA$34,123,000
Bank Hapoalim BmIsrael$10,273,000
Bank of MontrealCanadaUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$3,741,775,000
Bank of New York Mellon CorporationUSAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$17,374,851,000
Bank of Nova ScotiaCanada$5,952,000
Bank of The WestUSA$25,930,000
Banque Pictet & Cie SASwitzerlandUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$159,174,000
Barbara Oil Co.USA$9,606,000
Barometer Capital Management Inc.Canada$48,785,000
Barr, E.S. & CompanyUSA$69,369,000
Barrett Asset Management, LLCUSA$64,775,000
Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, LLCUSAUNPRI$12,062,839,000
Bartlett & Co. LLCUSA$138,301,000
Baskin Financial Services Inc.Canada$12,514,000
Basswood Capital Management, L.L.C.USA$931,401,000
BB&T CorpUSA$315,177,000
BB&T Securities, LLCUSA$321,222,000
BBVA USA Bancshares Inc.USA$62,604,000
Beach Investment Counsel Inc/PaUSA$31,168,000
Beacon Trust CoUSA$17,630,000
Beck Mack & Oliver LLCUSA$113,133
Becker Capital Management IncUSA$288,234,000
Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds Voor De Media PnoThe NetherlandsUNPRI$58,814,000
Beese Fulmer Investment Management, Inc.USA$11,869,000
Benjamin F. Edwards & Company, IncUSA$8,226,000
Berkshire Asset Management LLC/PaUSA$89,073,000
Berkshire Hathaway Inc.USA$36,066,603,000
Bessemer Group IncUSA$1,356,541,000
Beutel, Goodman & Co Ltd.Canada$213,135,000
Biondo Investment Advisors, LLCUSA$25,877,000
Birch Hill Investment Advisors LLCUSA$83,832,000
BlackRock Advisors, LLCUSAUNPRI$7,861,337,000
BlackRock Fund AdvisorsUSAUNPRI$24,327,075,000
BlackRock Group LTDUSAUNPRI$11,875,659,000
Blackrock Inc.USAUNPRI$3,029,481,000
Blackrock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.USAUNPRI$38,548,577,000
Blackrock Investment Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$5,830,192,000
BlackRock Japan Co. LtdJapanUNPRI$1,820,797,000
BLB & B Advisors, LLCUSA$23,925,000
Blue Chip Partners, Inc.USA$10,359,000
Bluecrest Capital Management LtdChannel Islands$106,170,000
Bluefin Trading, LLCUSA$22,590,000
Blume Capital Management, Inc.USA$11,972,000
BNP Paribas Arbitrage SAUSAUNPRI$1,015,541,562
BNP Paribas Investment Partners S.A.FranceUNPRI$482,604,000
BOKF, NAUSA$106,485,000
Bollard Group LLCUSA$16,030,000
Boston Advisors LLCUSA$196,058,000
Boston Common Asset Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$32,879,000
Boston Family Office LLCUSA$14,833,000
Boston Financial Management IncUSA$36,958,000
Boston Private Wealth LLCUSA$155,915,000
Bourgeon Capital Management LLCUSA$9,065,000
Bowling Portfolio Management LLCUSA$35,519,000
Boyar Asset Management Inc.USA$13,299,000
Boyd Watterson Asset Management LLC/OhUSA$8,260,000
Boys Arnold & Co IncUSA$20,591,000
BP p.l.c. (BP Pension Fund)UKUNPRI$151,407,000
Bradley Foster & Sargent Inc/CtUSA$105,825,000
Brandes Investment Partners L.P.USAUNPRI$1,018,349,000
Brandywine Global Investment Management, LLC USAUNPRI$2,194,837,000
Braun Stacey Associates IncUSA$72,708,000
Brave Warrior Advisors, LLCUSA$577,488,000
Bremer Trust National AssociationUSA$22,632,000
Bridges Investment Counsel Inc/USA$28,804,000
Bridges Investment Management IncUSA$24,107,000
Bridgewater Associates LPUSA$13,186,000
Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc. USA$307,004,000
Brinker Capital IncUSA$235,223,000
Brinker Capital IncUSA$38,771,000
British Airways Pensions Investment Management LTDUK$236,412,000
British Columbia Investment Management CorporationCanadaUNPRI$580,953,000
Brookfield Asset Management Inc.Canada$2,990,000
Brookmont Capital ManagementUSA$26,266,000
Brookstone Capital ManagementUSA$6,556,000
Brown Advisory Inc.USAUNPRI$996,191,000
Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.USA$2,019,216,000
Bryn Mawr Trust CoUSA$66,594,000
BS Pension Fund Trustee LTD Acting for the British Steel PUK$40,141,000
BTC Capital Management, Inc.USA$27,848,000
BTIM Corp.USA$496,214,000
BTR Capital Management Inc.USA$20,491,000
Buckhead Capital Management LLCUSA$66,112,000
Buckingham Capital Management Inc/NY/USA$25,039,000
Buckingham Capital Management, Inc./OH/USA$10,528,000
Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, Inc.USA$38,280,000
Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.Canada$528,366,000
Burns J W & Co Inc/NyUSA$5,831,000
Busey Trust CoUSA$54,603,000
Cabot Wealth Management, Inc.USA$8,689,000
Cabot-Wellington, LLCUSA$15,045,000
Cadence Capital Management LLCUSA$85,115,000
Caisse de depot et placement du QuebecCanadaUNPRI$1,145,888,000
Calamos Advisors LLCUSA$688,613,000
Calamos Wealth Management LLCUSA$21,764,000
Callahan Advisors, LLCUSA$24,112,000
Calvert Investment Management, Inc.USAUNPRI$191,455,000
Cambridge Investment Research Advisers, Inc.USA$74,035,000
Campbell Newman Asset Management IncUSA$35,042,000
Canada Pension Plan Investment BoardCanadaUNPRI$2,538,539,000
Canandaigua National Bank & Trust CoUSA$14,722,000
Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A.LuxembourgUNPRI$233,093,000
Canyon Capital Advisors LLCUSA$191,280,000
Cape Cod Five Cents Savings BankUSA$30,019,000
Capital Analysts, Inc.USA$4,900,803
Capital Fund Management S.A.France$342,051,000
Capital Growth Management L.P.USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$357,823,000
Capital Guardian Trust CompanyUSAUNPRI$490,559,000
Capital International Inc /Ca/USA$10,900,000
Capital International InvestorsUSAUNPRI$3,573,057,000
Capital International Ltd /Ca/USA$52,746,000
Capital International SarlUSA$26,259,000
Capital Investment Advisors, LLCUSA$23,845,000
Capital Management CorpUSA$27,100,000
Capital One, National AssociationUSA$58,593,000
Capital Research Global InvestorsUSAUNPRI$5,069,513,000
Capital World InvestorsUSAUNPRI$19,289,336,000
Capstone Asset Management CompanyUSA$157,402,000
Capstone Investment Advisors, LLCUSA$150,636,000
Capwealth Advisors, LLCUSA$42,375,000
Cardinal Capital Management LLC /CTUSA$158,400,000
Carlson Capital, L.P.USA$813,873,000
Carnegie Capital Asset Management, LLCUSA$28,781,000
Carret Asset Management, LLCUSA$36,880,000
Carroll Financial Associates, Inc.USA$25,902,000
Castine Capital Management, LLCUSA$57,384,000
Castleark Management LLCUSA$39,709,000
Catalyst Capital Advisors LLCUSA$22,656,000
Catawba Capital ManagementUSA$13,799,000
Caxton Associates LPUSA$13,918,000
Cedar Hill Associates LLCUSA$15,471,000
Central Securities CorpUSA$94,085,000
Central Trust & Investment CoUSA$33,683,000
Centurylink Investment Management CoUSA$23,554,000
Cetera Advisor Networks LLCUSA$42,674,000
Cetera Advisors LLCUSA$15,309,000
Channing Capital Management, LLCUSA$296,407,000
Chaote Investment AdvisorsUSA$21,216,828
Charter Trust CoUSA$21,075,000
Chartwell Investment Partners, Inc.USA$331,544,000
Chemung Canal Trust CoUSA$17,816,000
Chesley Taft & Associates LLC/IlUSA$35,270,000
Chevy Chase Trust Holdings, Inc.USA$1,226,693,000
Chicago Equity PartnersUSA$199,139,000
Chicago Trust Co NaUSA$17,337,000
Chilton Investment Co LLCUSA$16,295,000
CI Investments Inc.Canada$1,272,722,000
CIBC Asset Management IncCanada$177,378,000
CIBC World Markets CorpUSA$31,193,000
CIBC World Markets Inc.Canada$115,857,000
Cim Investment Mangement IncUSA$13,562,000
Cincinnati Casualty CoUSA$10,525,000
Cincinnati Financial CorpUSA$52,398,000
Cincinnati Insurance CoUSA$288,496,000
Cincinnati Specialty Underwriters Insurance CoUSA$11,001,000
Cipher Capital LPUSA$76,754,000
Citadel Advisors LLCUSA$3,071,515,000
Citigroup Inc.USA$2,651,863,000
Citizens & Northern CorpUSA$9,965,000
City Holding CoUSA$10,319,000
Clal Insurance Enterprises Holdings LtdIsrael$28,964,000
ClariVest Asset Management LLCUSAUNPRI$11,006,000
Clark Capital Management Group, Inc.USA$50,918,000
Clark Estates IncUSA$8,360,000
Clear Harbor Asset Management, LLCUSA$7,595,000
Cleararc Capital IncUSA$32,772,000
Clearbridge Advisors LLCUSAUNPRI$3,546,755,000
Clearbridge, LLCUSAUNPRI$562,319,000
Clifford Swan Investment Counsel LLCUSA$74,343,000
Clough Capital Partners, L.P.USA$117,768,000
CNA Financial CorpUSA$32,178,000
Cobblestone Capital Advisors LLC /Ny/USA$42,602,000
Cobiz Investment Management, LLCUSA$25,147,000
Cohen & SteersUSAUNPRI$231,747,000
Cohen Capital Management, Inc.USA$24,346,000
Coldstream Capital Management IncUSA$10,767,000
Colonial Trust AdvisorsUSA$12,488,000
Colony Group LLCUSA$44,785,000
Columbus Hill Capital Management, L.P.USA$115,718,000
Comerica BankUSA$597,600,000
Commerce BankUSA$623,522,000
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft /FIGermany$291,249,000
Commonwealth Bank Of AustraliaAustraliaUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$156,999,000
Commonwealth Equity Services, IncUSA$220,002,000
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Public School Employees Retirement SystemUSA$98,480,000
Community Bank NAUSA$10,989,000
Community Bank Of RaymoreUSA$20,685,000
Community Trust & Investment CoUSA$74,859,000
Compagnie Lombard, Odier ScaSwitzerlandUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$97,779,000
Compton Capital Management Inc /RiUSA$12,098,000
Concert Wealth ManagementUSA$24,980,000
Connable Office IncUSA$24,099,000
Conning IncUSA$47,406,000
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management Ltd.CanadaUNPRI$143,942,000
Connors Investor Services, Inc.USA$36,214,000
Consector Capital, LPUSA$8,290,000
Continental Advisors LLCUSA$61,424,000
Contrarius Investment Management LtdChannel Islands$10,567,000
Convergence Investment Partners, LLCUSA$59,100,000
Cooke & Beiler, L.P.USA$651,272,000
Copper Rock Capital Partners LLCUSA$35,610,000
Corbyn Investment Management Inc.USA$13,675,000
Cornercap Investment Counsel IncUSA$51,119,000
Cornerstone Advisors IncUSA$9,838,000
Cornerstone Capital Management Holdings, LLC.USA$545,114,000
Cornerstone Investment Partners, LLCUSA$530,479,000
Cortland Advisers LLCUSA$581,179,000
Cove Street Capital, LLCUSA$22,279,000
Covington Capital ManagementUSA$61,278,000
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn LLCUSA$746,854,000
Creative PlanningUSA$135,450,000
Credit Agricole (Suisse) S.A.FranceUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$1,187,118,000
Credit SuisseUSAUNPRI$5,721,687,000
Crystal Rock Capital ManagementUSA$15,064,000
CS McKee LPUSA$168,838
CSU Producer Resources, Inc.USA$541,000
Cubic Asset Management, LLCUSA$21,493,000
Culbertson A N & Co IncUSA$20,978,000
Cullen Capital Management, LLCUSA$142,638,000
Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.USA$167,474,000
Cullinan Associates IncUSA$69,181,000
Cumberland Partners LtdCanada$115,606,000
Cupps Capital Management, LLCUSA$2,491,000
CWM, LLCUSA$15,561,000
Cypress Asset Management Inc/TxUSA$25,367,000
D L Carlson Investment Group IncUSA$12,243,000
D. E. Shaw & Co.USA$2,657,713,000
Dai Ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Japan$169,922,000
Daiwa SB Investments Ltd.JapanUNPRI$20,794,000
Daiwa Securities Group Inc.Japan$68,241,000
Dalton Greiner Hartman Maher & CoUSAUNPRI$149,452,000
Dana Investment Advisers IncUSA$135,310,000
Davenport & Co LLVUSA$599,481,000
Davidson & Garrard, Inc.USA$27,482,000
Davidson D A & CoUSA$118,650,000
Davidson Investment AdvisorsUSA$46,008,000
Davis Capital Partners, LLCUSA$296,894,000
Davis Selected Advisers, LPUSAUNPRI$5,146,794,000
Dean Investment Associates, LLCUSA$29,773,000
Dearborn Partners LLCUSA$30,557,000
Deere & CompanyUSA$105,428,000
DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale (See Deka Investment GmbH)GermanyUNPRI$355,735,000
Delphi Investment Management, Inc.USA$4,292,000
Delta Capital Management LLCUSA$15,162,000
Delta Lloyd NV (See Delta Lloyd Asset Management)The NetherlandsUNPRI$167,592,000
Denali Advisors LLCUSA$57,908,000
Denver Investment Advisors LLCUSA$237,454,000
DePrince, Race & Zollo, Inc. USA$680,663,000
Deroy & Devereaux Private Investment Counsel IncUSA$118,661,000
Deutsche Bank AGGermanyUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$5,131,963,000
DIAM Co., Ltd.JapanUNPRI$206,488,000
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.USA$1,999,236,000
Dimensional Fund AdvisorsUSAUNPRI$13,007,008,000
Disciplined Growth InvestorsUSA$57,405,000
Dixon Hubard Feinour & Brown IncUSA$5,877,000
DnB NOR Asset Management ASNorwayUNPRI$323,840,063
Dodge & CoxUSAUNPRI$20,267,280,000
Donaldson Capital Management, LLCUSA$41,754,000
Douglass Winthrop Advisors, LLCUSA$46,834,000
Dowling & Yahnke LLCUSA$42,657,000
Dreman Value Management, L.L.C.USA$26,647,000
Drexel Morgan & Co.USA$3,031,000
DSAM Partners LLPUK$2,468,000
Dubuque Bank & Trust Co.USA$23,479,000
Duff & Phelps Investment Management CoUSA$10,589,000
Dupont Capital Management CorpUSA$182,738,000
Duquesne Family Office LLCUSA$30,983,000
Eagle Asset Management, Inc.USA$603,577,000
Eagle Boston Investment Management IncUSA$34,935,000
Eagle Capital Management, L.L.C.USA$2,739,103,000
Eagle Global Advisors LLCUSA$58,764,000
Eagle Ridge Investment ManagementUSA$29,298,000
Eagleclaw Capital Managment, LLCUSA$6,621,000
Earnest Partners LLCUSA$483,267,000
Eastern BankUSA$64,288,000
Eaton Vance ManagementUSAUNPRI$2,886,920,000
Edge Asset Management, IncUSA$1,075,814,000
Edge Wealth Management LLCUSA$11,178,000
Edgepoint Investment Group Inc.Canada$597,061,000
Edmond De Rothschild Asset Management (France)FranceUNPRI$327,685,000
Edmond De Rothschild Holding S.A.SwitzerlandUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$351,859,000
Egerton Capital (UK) LLPUK$661,601,000
Eidelman Virant CapitalUSA$1,443,000
EJF Capital LLCUSA$282,123,000
Elizabeth Park Capital Advisors, Ltd.USA$57,940,000
Elliot Management CorpUSA$1,478,000
Emerald Mutual Fund Advisors TrustUSA$69,662,000
Employees Retirement System Of TexasUSA$430,005,000
Endeavour Capital Advisors, Inc.USA$541,833,000
Endicott Management CoUSA$84,300,000
Endurance Wealth Management, Inc.USA$33,459,000
Envestnet Asset Management IncUSA$300,639,000
Eos Management, L.P.USA$7,464,000
EP Wealth Advisors, Inc.USA$23,103,000
Epoch Investment Partners, IncUSA$941,973,000
Eqis Capital Management, Inc.USA$7,077,000
Espalier Global Management LLCUSA$8,698,000
Essex Financial Services, Inc.USA$23,168,000
Estabrook Capital ManagementUSA$89,025,954
ETrade Capital Management LLCUSA$21,416,000
Eulav Asset ManagementUSA$17,505,000
Evercore Wealth Management, LLCUSA$84,733,000
Everence Capital Management IncUSA$23,142,000
Evergreen Capital Management LLCUSA$32,581,000
Evermay Wealth Management LLCUSA$2,136,000
Excalibur Management CorpUSA$4,909,000
Exchange Capital Management, Inc.USA$13,755,000
Exxonmobil Investment Management Inc /TxUSA$323,408,000
Factory Mutual Insurance CoUSA$586,151,000
Fagan Associates, Inc.USA$10,086,000
Fairfax Financial Holdings LimitedCanada$4,064,000
Fairfield, Bush & Co.USA$22,005,000
Fairholme Capital Management, L.L.C.USA$87,128,000
Family Capital Trust CoUSA$8,844,000
Farmers & Merchants Investments IncUSA$29,578,000
Farmers Trust CoUSA$13,638,000
Farr Miller & Washington LLCUSA$65,866,000
Fayez Sarofim & CoUSA$1,078,947,000
FDX Advisors, Inc.USA$47,511,000
Federated Investors, Inc.USA$1,038,452,000
Ferguson Wellman Capital Management, IncUSA$118,153,000
Fidelity International (FIL Limited)USAUNPRI$2,087,571,000
Fiduciary Group LLCUSA$18,492,000
Fiduciary TrustUSA$106,300,000
Fiera Capital CorpCanadaUNPRI$682,401,000
Fifth Third BancorpUSA$637,736,000
Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C.USA$9,674,000
Financial Partners Capital Management LLCUSA$26,346,000
Findlay Park Partners LLPUK$110,880,000
Finemark National Bank & TrustUSA$37,591,000
Firefly Value Partners, LPUSA$121,781,000
First Allied Advisory Services, Inc.USA$41,062,000
First American Trust, FSBUSA$11,888,000
First Citizens Bank & Trust CoUSA$73,022,000
First Eagle Investment Management, LLCUSA$3,495,962,000
First Fiduciary Investment Counsel, Inc.USA$64,345,000
First Financial Bank, N.A. - Trust DivisionUSA$19,891,000
First Hawaiian BankUSA$10,983,000
First Interstate BankUSA$54,829,000
First Investors Management Co IncUSA$307,076,000
First Manhattan Co.USA$656,075,000
First Mercantile Trust CoUSA$38,359,000
First Merchants CorpUSA$14,902,000
First Midwest Bank Trust DivisionUSA$37,345,000
First National Bank Of OmahaUSA$88,588,000
First National Trust Co.USA$53,323,000
First New York Securities LLCUSA$2,349,469
First Pacific Advisors, LLCUSA$2,291,081,000
First Quadrant L PCAUSA$213,046,000
First Republic Investment Managament, IncUSA$497,439,000
First Trust Advisors LPUSAUNPRI$880,256,000
Fisher InvestmentsUSAUNPRI$4,545,777,000
Fishman Jay A Ltd/MiUSA$23,012,685
FJ Capital Management LLCUSA$108,897,000
Fjarde Ap-Fonden /Fourth Swedish National Pension FundSweden$318,523,000
Flippin Bruce & Porter Inc.USA$49,701,000
FMR LLCUSAUNPRI$37,267,488,000
Focused Investors LLCUSA$303,111,000
Folger Nolan Fleming Douglas Capital Management, IncUSA$20,409,000
Forest Hill Capital, LLC USA$63,493,000
Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc /Oh/USA$272,862,000
Forward Management, LLCUSA$3,203,000
Foster & Motley IncUSA$22,632,000
Foster Dykema Cabot & Co Inc/MaUSA$24,236,000
Foundry Partners, LLCUSA$230,640,000
Foyston, Gordon, & Payne IncCanada$34,785,000
Franklin Resources Inc. (see Franklin Templeton)USAUNPRI$12,697,109,000
Fred Alger Management, Inc.USAUNPRI$28,671,000
Front Barnett Associates LLCUSA$43,574,000
Frontier Capital Management Co LLCUSA$532,666,000
FSI Group, LLCUSA$23,094,000
FTB Advisors, Inc.USA$30,186,000
Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance CoJapanUNPRI$12,827,000
Fuller & Thaler Asset Management, Inc.USA$440,499,000
Gabelli Funds LLCUSA$747,344,000
GAM Holding AgUSAUNPRI$228,139,000
Gamco Investors, Inc. Et AlUSA$980,130,000
Gardner Lewis Asset Management L.P.USA$31,228,000
Gareth Morgan Investments Limited PartnershipNew Zealand$23,645,000
Garland Capital Management IncUSA$4,750,000
Gateway Investment Advisers, LLC USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$749,241,000
Geduld E EUSA$41,492,000
Gendell Jeffrey LUSA$118,261,000
General American Investors Co IncUSA$50,922,000
General Re New England Asset Management Inc.USA$1,876,014,000
Genesee Valley Trust CoUSA$9,821,000
Geneva Advisors, LLCUSA$119,926,000
Geode Capital Management, LLCUSA$12,200,796,000
Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co. LLCUSA$3,202,000
Gillespie Robinson & Grimm IncUSA$88,823,000
Glenmede Trust Company, N.A.USA$913,816,000
Glenview Capital Management, LLCUSA$419,000
GLG Partners LPUKUNPRI$14,302,000
Global X Management Co LLCUSA$17,827,000
Globeflex Capital L.P.USA$4,854,000
Gluskin Sheff & Assoc IncCanada$79,207,000
GMT Capital CorpUSA$310,781,000
Gofen & Glossberg Llc /Il/USA$157,243,000
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$13,288,413,000
Goodwin Daniel LUSA$12,882,000
Granite Investment Partners, LLCUSA$21,912,000
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co. LLCUSA$739,561,000
Grassi Investment ManagementUSA$26,299,000
Graybill Bartz & Assoc LTDUSA$8,770,000
Great Lake AdvisersUSAUNPRI$234,517,000
Great West Life Assurance Co /Can/Canada$1,673,220,000
Green Square Capital LLCUSA$9,500,000
Greenhaven Associates IncUSA$1,050,925,000
Greenwood Capital Associates LLCUSA$21,484,000
Greystone Managed Investments Inc.Canada$32,725,000
GSA Capital Partners LLPUK$44,917,000
Guardian Capital Advisors LPCanada$17,587,000
Guardian Capital LPCanada$31,931,000
Guggenheim Capital LLCUSA$1,257,699,000
Gulf International Bank (UK) LtdUK$401,887,000
GW&K Investment Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$257,262,000
Halsey Associates Inc/CtUSA$3,398,000
Hancock Holding Co.USA$250,254,000
HAP Trading, LLCUSA$14,103,000
Harding Loevner LPUSA$490,862,000
Hartford Financial Management Inc.USA$11,837,000
Hartford Investment Management CoUSAUNPRI$327,154,000
Harvard Management Company, Inc.USA$19,681,000
Haverford Trust CoUSA$273,046,000
HBK Investments L.P.USA$92,651,000
HBK Sorce Advisory LLCUSA$26,454,000
Heartland Advisors, Inc. USA$122,712,000
Hedeker Wealth Management Group, LLCUSA$389,160,000
Henderson Group PLCUKUNPRI$402,756,000
Her Majesty The Queen In Right Of The Province Of Alberta AsCanada$242,874,000
Heritage Investors Management CorpUSA$97,832,000
Heritage Wealth AdvisorsUSA$3,021,000
Hermes Pensions Management LtdUKUNPRI$456,661,000
HGK Asset Management IncUSA$70,632,000
HHR Asset Management, LLCUSA$31,652,000
Highbridge Capital Management LLCUSA$140,381,000
Highfields Capital Management LPUSA$60,618,000
Highlander Capital Management, LLCUSA$11,398,000
Highstreet Asset Management Inc.UK$7,107,000
Hightower Advisors, LLCUSA$289,149,000
Hikari Power LTDJapan$88,967,000
Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.Canada$909,000
Hilltop Holdings Inc.USA$5,239,000
Hl Financial Services LLCUSA$415,268,000
Hm Payson & CoUSA$110,742,000
Hoertkorn Richard CharlesUSA$17,648,000
Honeywell International IncUSA$217,311,000
Horizon Investment Services, LLCUSA$3,066,000
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$4,499,279,000
Hourglass Capital, LLCUSA$39,429,000
Howard Capital ManagementUSA$10,641,000
HSBC Holdings PLCUKUNPRI$1,493,663,000
Huber Capital Management LLCUSA$290,479,000
Hudson Bay Capital Management, L.P. USA$37,077,000
Hudson Valley Investment Advisors Inc /AdvUSA$29,679,000
Huntington National BankUSA$297,201,000
Hutchin Hill Capital, LPUSA$279,452,000
iAB Financial BankUSA$15,903,000
Iberiabank CorpUSA$20,294,000
IBM Retirement FundUSA$127,924,000
ICON Advisers IncUSA$77,530,000
IFC Holdings IncUSA$6,129,000
IG Investment Management LTDCanada$1,264,390,000
Income Research & ManagementUSAUNPRI$29,999,000
Independent Investors IncUSA$8,252,000
Independent Portfolio Consultants, Inc.USA$17,663,000
Indiana Trust & Investment Management CoUSA$5,793,000
ING Groep NVThe NetherlandsUNPRI$843,637,000
Ingalls & Snyder LLCUSA$62,837,000
Institutional Capital LLCUSAUNPRI$986,483,000
Integrated Wealth ManagementUSA$5,845,000
Interocean Capital, LLCUSA$18,683,000
Inverness Counsel IncUSA$72,820,000
Invesco Ltd.USAUNPRI$17,383,447,000
Investec Asset ManagementUKUNPRI$1,417,875,000
Investment Counselors of Maryland, LLC USA$51,049,000
Investment Management Of Virginia LLCUSA$31,563,000
Iowa State BankUSA$9,732,000
IronBridge Capital Management, L.P.USA$100,429,000
J O Hambro Investment Management LimitedUKUNPRI$89,446,000
Jabre Capital Partners S.A.Switzerland$21,704,000
Jacobs Levy Equity Management, Inc.USA$345,473,000
Jacobus Wealth Management, Inc.USA$26,660,000
James Investment Research IncUSA$84,584,000
Jane Street Group, LLCUSA$208,116,000
Janney Capital Management LLCUSA$63,612,000
Janney Montgomery Scott LLCUSA$182,693,000
Janus Capital Management LLCUSAUNPRI$2,516,867,000
Jarislowsky, Fraser LtdCanadaUNPRI$494,286,000
Jasper Ridge Partners, L.P.USA$215,000
JBF Capital, Inc.USA$5,012,000
Johnson Financial Group, Inc.USA$24,632,000
Johnson Investment Counsel IncUSA$164,977,000
Jolley Asset Management, LLCUSA$8,600,000
Jones Collombin Investment Counsel IncCanada$15,928,000
Jones Financial Companies LLLPUSA$58,199,000
JP Marvel Investment Advisors LLCUSA$19,399,000
Jrm Investment Counsel, LLCUSA$21,035,000
JS Capital Management LLCUSA$4,328,000
Jupiter Asset Management LimitedUKUNPRI$123,457,000
Kames Capital PlcUKUNPRI$162,198,978
Kanaly Trust CoUSA$7,428,000
Kanawha Capital ManagementUSA$43,965,000
Kayne Anderson Investment Management LLCUSA$191,704,000
KBC Group NVBelguimUNPRI$424,295,000
KCG Holdings, Inc.USA$104,675,000
KCM Investment Advisors LLCUSA$71,897,000
Keeley Asset Management CorpUSA$252,351,000
Kemper Corp Master Retirement TrustUSA$6,635,000
Kennedy Capital Management, Inc. USA$283,687,000
Kentucky Retirement SystemsUSA$100,143,000
Kentucky Retirement Systems Insurance Trust FundUSA$42,402,000
Kestrel Investment Management CorpUSA$8,532,000
Keybank National Association/OHUSA$466,632,000
Kimelman & Baird, LLCUSA$42,599,000
King Luther Capital ManagementUSA$833,842,000
Kitzinger Lautmann Capital Management IncUSA$56,094,000
Klingenstein Fields & Co LLCUSA$66,404,000
Korea Investment CorpKorea$2,018,361,000
Kornitzer Capital Management Inc /KsUSA$61,044,000
L & S Advisors IncUSA$907,000
Ladenburg Thalman Financial Services IncUSA$119,098,000
Laffer InvestmentsUSA$23,361,778
Lansdowne Partners (Uk) LLPUK$1,969,672,000
Lateef Investment Management, L.P.USA$85,642,000
Lazard Asset Management LLCUSAUNPRI$1,139,405,000
Leavell Investment Management, Inc.USA$22,002,000
Lee Thomas H Partners LPUSA$217,702,000
Legacy Private Trust Co.USA$19,525,000
Legal & General Group PLCUKUNPRI$6,350,909,000
Legg Mason Asset Management (Japan) Co., Ltd.Japan$6,598,000
Levin Capital Strategies, L.P.USA$1,707,566,000
Liberty Mutual Group Asset Management Inc.USA$133,391,000
Lincluden Management LtdCanada$30,506,000
Lingohr & Partner Asset Management GmbhGermany$2,025,000
Linscomb & Williams, Inc.USA$10,469,000
Lipe & DaltonUSA$5,010,000
Livforsakringsbolaget Skandia, OmsesidigtSweden$119,264,000
Lloyds Banking GroupUKUNPRI$2,708,000
LMM LLCUSA$166,052,000
Lockheed Martin Investment Management CoUSA$15,455,000
Locust Wood Capital Advisers, LLCUSA$53,273,000
Loeb Partners CorpUSA$18,989,000
Loews CorpUSA$35,064,000
Lomas Capital Management, LLCUSA$14,849,000
Lombard Odier Asset Management (Europe) LtdUKUNPRI$10,559,000
Lombard Odier Transatlantic, Limited PartnershipCanadaUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$3,916,000
Lombardia Capital Partners, LLCUSA$73,827,000
London Co of VirginiaUSA$383,916,000
Longfellow Investment Management Co LLCUSAUNPRI$20,882,000
Longview Partners (Guernsey) LimitedUKUNPRI$1,881,960,000
Loomis, Sayles & CoUSAUNPRI$1,297,507,000
Lord Abbett & CoUSAUNPRI$2,008,667,000
Loring Wolcott & Coolidge Fiduciary Advisors LLPUSA$18,930,000
Los Angeles Capital Management & Equity Research IncUSAUNPRI$464,356,000
Louisiana State Employees Retirement SystemUSA$114,610,000
Lowe Brockenbrough & Co, Inc.USA$38,255,000
LPL Financial LLCUSA$88,454,000
LS Investment Advisors, LLCUSA$83,119,000
LSV Asset ManagementUSAUNPRI$5,220,601,000
LVW Advisors, LLCUSA$7,159,000
M&T Bank CorporationUSA$730,255,000
Macguire, Cheswick & Tuttle Investment Counsel LLCUSA$41,809,000
MacKay Shields LLCUSA$31,567,000
Mackenzie Financial CorpCanadaUNPRI$893,834,000
Macquarie Group LTDAustraliaUNPRI$2,578,422,000
Magellan Asset ManagementAustraliaUNPRI$1,093,355,000
Mai Capital ManagementUSA$54,792,000
Mairs & Power IncUSA$670,530,000
Majedie Asset Management LTDUK$12,597,000
Maltese Capital Management LLCUSA$194,801,000
Manning & Napier Advisors LLCUSA$116,349,000
Manufacturers Life Insurance CompanyCanadaUNPRI$5,532,504,000
Manufacturers Life Insurance CompanyCanada$256,333,000
Marathon Trading Investment Management LLCUSA$59,890,000
Marco Investment Management LLCUSA$38,415,000
Mariner Wealth Advisors, LLCUSA$67,621,000
Markel CorporationUSA$70,274,000
Markston International LLCUSA$111,065,000
Marshall Wace LLPUK$259,017,000
Marsico Capital Management, LLCUSA$5,493,000
Martin & Co IncUSA$12,090,000
Martin Currie LTDUKUNPRI$29,044,000
Martingale Asset Management L.P.USA$192,293,000
Mason Street Advisors, LLCUSA$219,825,000
Massachusetts Financial Services CoUSAUNPRI$17,099,666,000
Mathes Company, Inc.USA$9,109,000
Matrix Asset Advisors, Inc.USA$100,910,000
Matthew 25 Management CorpUSA$26,792,000
Maverick Capital LTDUSA$344,280,000
Mawer Investment Management Ltd.Canada$451,583,000
Mayo Investment Advisers LLCUSA$43,994,000
Mckinley Capital Management LLC /DelawareUSA$23,731,000
McMillion Capital Management IncUSA$12,034,000
MEAG Munich Ergo Kapitalanlagegesellschaft MBHGermanyUNPRI$87,155,000
Meeder Asset Management IncUSA$47,239,000
Meiji Yasuda Asset Management Co Ltd.JapanUNPRI$48,097,000
Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance CoJapanUNPRI$35,452,000
Mendon Capital Advisors Corp.USA$259,716,000
Menora Mivtachim Holdings Ltd.Israel$348,340,000
Menta Capital LLCUSA$17,567,000
Mesirow Financial Investment Management US Value EquityUSA$165,890,000
MetLife Securities, IncUSA$31,457,000
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co/NyUSA$798,219,000
Meyer Handelman CoUSA$41,991,000
Michael & Susan Dell FoundationUSA$34,248,000
Middleton & Company, Inc.USA$25,031,000
Midwest Investment Management LLCUSA$18,134,000
Millennium Management LLCUSA$2,502,499,000
Miller/Howard Investments Inc.USAUNPRI$95,576,000
Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd.KoreaUNPRI$77,919,000
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management Co., Ltd.JapanUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$217,576,000
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities Holdings Co., Ltd.JapanUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$297,000
Mitsubishi UFJ Securities International plcUKUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$257,000
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust & Banking CorpJapanUNPRI$2,935,678,000
Mizuho Asset Management Co.,Ltd.JapanUNPRI$28,314,000
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.JapanUNPRI$2,219,083,000
Mondrian Investment Partners LimitedUK$226,966,000
Montag & Caldwell, LLCUSA$1,044,000
Montag A & Associates IncUSA$37,664,000
Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc (MBII)CanadaUNPRI$24,788,000
Moon Capital Management, LLCUSA$8,301,446
Moore Capital Management, L.P.USA$100,277,000
Moors & Cabot, Inc.USA$20,612,000
Moreno Evelyn VUSA$15,803,000
Motley Fool Asset Management LLCUSA$986,000
Mountain Pacific Investment Advisers Inc/IdUSA$65,790,000
MRJ Capital IncUSA$13,343,000
MSD Partners, L.P.USA$34,577,000
MU Investments Co., Ltd.JapanUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$4,642,000
Muhlenkamp & Co IncUSA$470,000
Municipal Employees' Retirement System of MichiganUSA$112,504,000
Murphy Capital Management IncUSA$12,984,000
Mutual Of America Capital Management LLCUSA$279,471,000
MyCIO Wealth Partners, LLCUSA$4,670,000
Naples Global Advisors, LLCUSA$3,367,000
Narwhal Capital ManagementUSA$13,914,000
National Investment Services Inc /WiUSA$13,021,000
National Mutual Insurance Federation Of Agricultural CooperaJapan$6,724,000
National Pension Service (Korea)KoreaUNPRI$831,967,000
Nationwide Fund AdvisorsUSA$1,388,593,000
Natixis Asset ManagementFranceUNPRI$8,209,000
Navellier & Associates, Inc.USA$5,272,000
NBT Bank NAUSA$27,756,000
NCM Capital Management Group, Inc.USA$1,205,000
Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors, LLCUSA$16,206,000
Neuberger Berman Group LLCUSAUNPRI$3,865,113,000
Neumeier Poma Investment Counsel LLCUSAUNPRI$41,630,000
Neville Rodie & Shaw IncUSA$45,195,000
New Amsterdam Partners, LLCUSAUNPRI$3,880,000
New England Private Wealth Advisors LLCUSA$3,518,000
New Jersey Better Educational Savings TrustUSA$8,806,000
New Mexico Educational Retirement BoardUSA$129,960,000
New York State Common Retirement FundUSAUNPRI, CSBS$4,368,484,000
New York State Teachers' Retirement SystemUSAUNPRI, CSBS$2,523,438,000
Nexus Investment Management Inc.Canada$56,211,000
Nicholas Investment Partners, L.P.USA$27,816,000
Nikko Asset Management Co LtdUSAUNPRI$8,342,000
Nippon Life Insurance CoJapan$49,490,000
Nisa Investment Advisors LLCUSA$503,626,000
NJ State Employees Deferred Compensation PlanUSA$32,257,000
Noesis Capital Mangement CorpUSA$26,703,000
Nomura Holdings IncJapanUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$330,681,000
Nordea Investment Management ABDenmarkUNPRI$701,519,000
Norges Bank Investment Management (9/30/15)NorwayUNPRI$11,387,805,000
Norinchukin BankJapan$46,516,000
Normura Asset ManagementJapanUNPRI$283,695,000
Norris Perne & French LLP/MiUSA$23,359,000
North American Management CorpUSA$41,155,000
North Star Investment Management Corp.USA$37,008,000
Northern Capital Management LLCUSA$20,555,000
Northern Oak Wealth Management, IncUSA$12,883,000
Northpointe Capital LLCUSA$44,618,000
Northstar Asset Management LLCUSAUNPRI$2,352,000
Northwestern Mutual Investment Management Company, LLCUSA$142,718,000
Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management CoUSA$46,153,000
Numeric Investors LLCUSAUNPRI$391,768,000
Nuveen Asset Management, LLCUSA$549,242,000
NWQ Investment ManagementUSA$942,916,000
O'Shaughnessy Asset Management, LLCUSA$14,218,000
Oak Associates LTDUSA$195,338,000
Oakbrook Investments LLCUSA$99,937,000
Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.USA$420,102,000
Oakwood Capital Management LLC/CaUSA$12,781,000
Oakworth Capital, Inc.USA$16,860,000
Odey Asset Management Group LimitedUK$30,854,000
Old Mutual Global Index Trackers (Proprietary) LTDSouth Africa$21,424,000
Old Mutual PLCUKUNPRI$275,632,000
Old National Bancorp /In/USA$82,675,000
Old Point Trust & Financial Services, N.A.USA$3,567,000
Old Second National Bank Of AuroraUSA$13,450,000
Omega Advisors Inc.USA$106,395,000
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan BoardCanadaUNPRI$489,242,000
Oppenheimer & Co IncUSA$126,550,000
OppenheimerFunds, Inc.USA$3,448,802,000
Oregon Public Employees Retirement FundUSA$247,117,000
Origin Asset Management LLPUK$27,268,000
Osborn Rohs Williams & Donohoe LTDUSA$33,520,000
Osborne Partners Capital Management, LLCUSA$46,734,000
Osher Van De Voorder Investment ManagementUSA$16,767,000
Overbrook Management CorpUSA$39,745,000
Oxbow Advisors, LLCUSA$23,804,000
Oxford Asset ManagementUK$32,161,000
OZ Management LPUSA$420,411,000
Pacific Global Investment Management CoUSA$23,197,000
Palisade Capital Management LLCUSA$206,248,000
Palisades Hudson Asset Management, L.P.USA$2,072,000
Palladium Partners LLCUSA$72,459,000
Paloma Partners Management CoUSA$313,014,000
Palouse Capital Management, Inc.USA$32,371,000
PanAgora Asset ManagementUSAUNPRI$1,238,847,000
Paradigm Asset Management Co LLCUSA$39,741,873
Parametric Portfolio Associates LLCUSA$3,310,057,000
Parametric Risk Advisors LLCUSA$36,755,000
Park National Corp /Oh/USA$146,425,000
Parkside Financial Bank & TrustUSA$4,007,000
Parnassus InvestmentsUSAUNPRI$1,676,724,000
Parsec Financial Management, Inc.USA$54,782,000
Parsons Capital Management Inc/RiUSA$26,735,000
Parthenon LLCUSA$11,972,000
Patriot Financial Partners GP LLPUSA$186,183,000
Patriot Wealth Management, Inc.USA$33,126,000
Patten & Patten Inc/TnUSA$27,382,000
Paulson & Co. IncUSA$60,515,000
Pax World Management CorpUSAUNPRI$95,640,000
Payden & RygelUSAUNPRI$68,974,000
PCJ Investment Counsel Ltd.CanadaUNPRI$9,879,000
PDT Partners, LLCUSA$31,804,000
Peak Asset Management, LLCUSA$9,995,000
Peapack Gladstone Financial CorpUSA$79,731,622
Pegasus Partners LTD.USA$14,938,000
Penbrook Management LLCUSA$2,613,000
Pennsylvania Trust CoUSA$46,464,000
Penobscot Investment Management Company, Inc.USA$11,213,000
People's United Financial, Inc.USA$123,384,000
Peoples Financial Services CorpUSA$8,128,000
Perkins Investment Management, LLC.USA$627,175,000
Perritt Capital Management IncUSA$1,339,000
Perry Corp.USA$101,713,000
Pettee Investors, Inc.USA$8,268,000
PettyJohn CoUSA$10,041,000
PGGM Vermogensbeheer B.V.The NetherlandsUNPRI$732,687,000
Philadelphia Trust CoUSA$89,163,000
Phocas Financial Corp.USA$74,698
Pictet & Cie (Europe) SABelguimUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$26,455,000
Pictet Asset Management LimitedUKUNPRI$794,746,000
Piedmont Investment Advisors LLCUSA$331,592,560
Pine River Capital Management L.P.USA$11,577,000
Pinebridge Investments LTDUSAUNPRI$145,547,000
Pinnacle Associates LtdUSA$146,718,000
Pinnacle Financial Partners IncUSA$22,793,000
Pinnacle Holdings, LLCUSA$9,743,398
Pioneer Investment Management, IncUSA$1,675,160,000
Pioneer Trust Bank N A/OrUSA$11,885,000
Pitcairn CoUSA$16,698,000
Pittenger & Anderson IncUSA$14,942,000
PL Capital Advisors, LLCUSA$119,331,000
Plante Moran Financial Advisors, LLCUSA$3,122,000
PM Capital LtdAustraliaUNPRI$163,322,000
PNC Financial ServicesUSA$2,730,401,000
Point 72 Asset Management, L.P.USA$200,514,000
Polar Capital LLPUK$227,013,000
Poplar Forest Capital LLCUSA$118,417,000
Portfolio 21 Investments (see Trillium)USAUNPRI$5,423,000
Portland Investment Counsel Inc.Canada$16,808,000
Price Michael FUSA$64,638,000
PRIMECAP Management CompanyUSA$5,077,547,000
Principal Financial GroupUSAUNPRI$3,443,888,000
Private Advisor Group, LLCUSA$40,162,000
Private Asset Management IncUSA$55,046,000
Private Bank & Trust CoUSA$73,409,000
Private Management Group IncUSA$141,758,000
Private Trust Co NAUSA$18,701,000
Private Wealth Partners, LLCUSA$16,696,000
Profund Advisors LLCUSA$65,584,000
ProShare Advisors LLCUSA$349,504,000
Prudential Financial, Inc.USA$4,049,433,000
Prudential PLCUSA$2,536,021,000
Psagot Investment House LTDIsrael$24,539,000
Public Employees Retirement Association of ColoradoUSA$814,094,000
Public Employees Retirement System of OhioUSA$956,113,000
Public Sector Pension Investment BoardCanadaUNPRI$358,448,000
Punch & Associates Investment Management, Inc.USA$5,752,000
Putnam Fl Investment Management CoUSA$42,651,000
Putnam Investments LLCUSAUNPRI$2,875,742,000
Pzena Investment Management, LLCUSA$2,581,168,000
QCI Asset Management Inc/NyUSA$54,782,000
QS Investors, LLCUSA$319,360,000
Quaker Capital Investments, LLCUSA$24,947,000
Quantitative Investment Management, LLCUSA$174,540,000
Quantitative Systematic Strategies LLCUSA$10,832,000
Quinn Opportunity Partners LLCUSA$73,338,000
Quotient Investors, LLCUSAUNPRI$6,627,000
QVT Financial LPUSA$18,616,000
Rafferty Asset Management, LLCUSA$107,802,000
Rand Wealth, LLCUSA$40,090,000
Rathbone Brothers PlcUKUNPRI$98,048,000
Ray Gerald L & AssociatesUSA$33,216,000
Raymond James & AssociatesUSAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$1,189,747,000
RBF Capital, LLCUSA$39,058,000
RBO & Co LLCUSA$9,111,000
Redmond Asset Management, LLCUSA$7,520,000
Redwood Capital Management, LLCUSA$88,384,000
Redwood Investments LLCUSAUNPRI$39,293,000
Regent Investment Management LLCUSA$7,800,000
RegentAtlantic Capital LLCUSA$73,587,000
Regents of the University of CaliforniaUSA$802,000
Regions Financial CorpUSA$527,788,000
Reliance Trust Co Of DelawareUSA$21,032,000
Renaissance Technologies, LLCUSA$1,187,029,000
Retirement Systems Of AlabamaUSA$1,083,056,000
Rhumbline AdvisorsUSA$2,303,204,000
Richard Bernstein Advisors LLCUSA$73,138,000
Ridgeworth Capital Management LLCUSA$865,774,000
Riggs Asset Managment Co. Inc.USA$12,140,000
River Road Asset Management, LLCUSA$371,526,000
Riverhead Capital Management LLCUSA$62,901,000
RM Sincerbeaux Capital Management LLCUSA$7,383,000
RMB Capital Management, LLCUSA$116,347,000
Rnc Capital Management LLCUSA$99,270,000
Roanoke Asset Management Corp/ NyUSA$12,662,000
Robeco Institutional Asset ManagementThe NetherlandsUNPRI$463,748,000
Robshaw & Julian Associates IncUSA$5,001,000
Rock Point Advisors, LLCUSA$16,188,000
Rockefeller Financial Services, Inc.USAUNPRI$349,250,000
Rockshelter Management LLCUSA$51,509,000
Rodgers Brothers Inc.USA$4,254,000
Roffman Miller Associates Inc /Pa/USA$39,595,000
Ronald Blue & Co LLCUSA$11,286,000
Ropes Wealth Advisors LLCUSA$13,752,000
Rothschild Asset Management Inc.USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$451,358,000
Rothschild Investment Corp /IlUSA$37,469,000
Royal Bank of CanadaCanadaUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$4,800,123,000
Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC (no relation to ABN AMRO Bank NV)UK$37,558,000
Royce & Associates, LLC.USA$154,891,000
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb Inc.USA$672,907,000
Ruffer LLPUKUNPRI$11,397,000
Salem Investment Counselors IncUSA$53,765,900
Salzhauer MichaelUSA$69,383,000
Samlyn Capital, LLCUSA$120,323,000
Samsung Asset Management (New York), Inc.USA$11,853,000
Sand Hill Global Advisors, LLCUSA$11,971,000
Sanders Capital, LLCUSA$2,502,861,000
Sandy Spring BankUSA$29,401,000
Santa Barbara Asset Management, LLCUSA$439,409,000
Sarasin & Partners LLP (see J. Safra Sarasin Group)UKUNPRI$462,518,000
Saturna CapitalUSAUNPRI$1,420,000
Sawgrass Asset Management LLCUSA$7,258,000
Schafer Cullen Capital Management IncUSAUNPRI$301,655,000
Schneider Capital Management CorporationUSA$131,770,000
Schroder Investment Management GroupUSAUNPRI$3,120,997,000
Schulhoff & Co IncUSA$11,901,000
Schwab Charles Investment Management IncUSA$4,737,454,000
Schwerin Boyle Capital Management IncUSA$143,693,000
Scotia CapitalCanada$161,228,000
Seabridge Investment Advisors LLCUSA$29,836,000
Seaward Management Limited PartnershipUSA$154,124,000
Security National Trust CoUSA$14,943,000
SEI Investments CoUSA$765,027,000
Seidman, LawrenceUSA$328,619,000
Selway Asset ManagementUSA$6,906,000
Sentinel Asset Management, Inc.USAUNPRI$229,894,000
Sentinel Trust Co LBAUSA$31,720,000
Sentry Investment Management LLCUSA$103,322,000
Sentry Investments Corp.Canada$397,102,000
SG Americas Securities, LLCUSA$187,357,000
Shell Asset Management CompanyThe NetherlandsUNPRI$151,298,000
Shelton Capital ManagementUSA$107,894,000
Shufro Rose & Co, LLCUSA$24,817,000
Sigma Investment Counselors IncUSA$5,579,000
SignalPoint Asset Management, LLCUSA$5,636,000
Signature Financial Management, Inc.USA$3,485,000
Signia Capital Management, LLC USA$211,000
Silver Point Capital LPUSA$36,506,000
Silvercrest Asset Management Group LLCUSA$503,514,000
Sirios Capital Management L PUSA$175,960,000
Sit Investment Associates IncUSA$112,695,000
Skba Capital Management LLCUSA$115,163,000
Skylands Capital, LLCUSA$13,854,000
Smead Capital Management, Inc.USA$382,104,000
Smith Asset Management Group LPUSA$80,838,000
Smith Chas P & Associates Pa CpasUSA$70,791,000
Smith, Graham & Co., Investment Advisors, LPUSA$83,012,000
Smith, Salley & AssociatesUSA$27,208,000
Snow Capital Management, LPUSA$216,192,000
Somerset Trust CoUSA$8,222,000
Sound Shore Management IncUSA$736,834,000
South Dakota Investment CouncilUSA$539,228,000
South State CorpUSA$36,671,000
Springbok Capital Management, LLCUSA$14,533,000
St Germain D J Co IncUSA$40,247,000
Staley Capital Advisers IncUSA$37,959,000
Standard Life Investments LTDUKUNPRI$3,092,581,000
State Board of Administration of Florida Retirement SystemUSA$2,039,152,000
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance CompanyUSA$3,763,067,000
State Of New Jersey Common Pension Fund DUSA$1,380,451,000
State Of Tennessee, Treasury DepartmentUSA$1,110,273,000
State of Wisconsin Investment BoardUSA$1,570,044,000
State Street CorporationUSAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$62,757,756,000
State Treasurer State of MichiganUSA$1,054,382,000
Stelliam Investment Management, LPUSA$249,606,000
Stephens Inc /AR/USA$79,604,000
Sterling Capital Management LLCUSA$711,092,000
Stevens Capital Management LPUSA$98,711,000
Stewart & Patten Co LLCUSA$45,919,000
Stewart West Indies Trading Co., LTDUSA$136,527,000
Stieven Capital Advisors, L.P.USA$153,009,000
Stifel Financial CorpUSA$1,010,256,000
Stillwater Capital Advisors, LLCUSA$22,328,000
Stilwell Value LLCUSA$9,738,000
Stock Yards Bank & Trust CoUSA$39,182,000
Stonebridge Capital Advisors LLCUSA$25,761,000
Stonebridge Capital Management IncUSA$6,255,000
Stoneridge Investment Partners LLCUSA$68,404,000
Strategic Financial Services, Inc,USA$22,963,000
Strategy Asset Managers LLCUSA$10,890,000
Stratos Wealth Partners, LTD.USA$35,407,000
STRS Ohio: State Teachers Retirement SystemUSA$1,456,105,000
Suffolk Capital Management LLCUSA$45,473,000
Sumitomo Life Insurance CoJapan$40,724,000
Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management (SMAM)JapanUNPRI$164,916,000
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings, Inc.JapanUNPRI$3,842,984,000
SunTrust Banks, Inc.USA$548,694,000
Supplemental Annuity Collective Trust Of NJUSA$16,981,000
Susquehanna International Group, LLPUSA$7,399,491,000
Sva Plumb Wealth Management, LLCUSA$40,970,000
Swift Run Capital Management, LLCUSA$3,369,000
Swiss National BankSwitzerland$217,450,000
Synovus Financial Corp.USA$262,500,000
Systematic Financial Management, LPUSA$634,652,000
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.USAUNPRI$21,940,834,000
Taconic Capital Advisors LPUSA$59,143,000
Taurus Asset Management, LLCUSA$38,771,000
TCTC Holdings, LLCUSA$64,297,000
TD Asset Management Inc.CanadaUNPRI$1,459,177,000
TDAM USA Inc.CanadaUNPRI$91,584,000
Teacher Retirement System of TexasUSA$889,493,000
Teachers Advisors (See TIAA-Cref)USAUNPRI$3,887,997,000
Teachers' Retirement System of the State of KentuckyUSA$445,453,000
Teewinot Capital Advisers, L.L.C.USA$23,379,000
Tegean Capital Management, LLCUSA$33,627,000
Terril Brothers, Inc.USA$80,902,000
Teton Advisors, Inc.USA$16,788,000
Tetrem Capital Management Ltd.Canada$139,481,000
Texas Capital Bancshares IncUSA$1,446,000
Texas Permanent School FundUSA$478,739,000
Texas Yale Capital Corp.USA$14,192,000
TFS Capital LLCUSA$4,333,000
The Banc Funds Company, L.L.C. USA$91,834,000
The TCW Group, Inc.USA$929,407,000
Third Avenue Management LLCUSA$380,529,000
Thomas White International LTDUSA$2,278,000
Thomaspartners, Inc.USA$603,891,000
Thompson Davis & Co, Inc.USA$1,768,000
Thompson Investment Management, Inc.USA$69,312,000
Thompson Siegel & Walmsley LLCUSA$188,109,000
Thomson Horstmann & Bryant, Inc.USAUNPRI$459,000
Thornburg Investment Management, Inc.USA$856,705,000
Thrivent Financial for LutheransUSA$1,352,280,000
TIAA-CREF Investment Management, LLCUSAUNPRI$7,136,251,000
Timber Hill LLCUSA$949,719,000
Tocqueville Asset Management L.P.USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$168,662,000
Todd Asset Management LLCUSA$161,822,000
Tokio Marine Asset Management Co Ltd JapanJapanUNPRI$64,934,000
Tompkins Financial CorpUSA$9,765,000
Toronto Dominion BankCanadaUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$222,308,000
Toth Financial Advisory CorporationUSA$1,194,000
Tower Bridge AdvisorsUSA$59,341,754
Tower Research Capital LLCUSA$10,199,000
Tradition Capital Management LLCUSA$21,377,000
Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$9,454,000
TREDJE AP-FONDENSweden$105,294,000
Trexquant Investment LPUSA$24,299,000
Trian Fund Management, L.P.USA$1,291,020,000
Tributary Capital Management, LLCUSA$52,346,000
Trillium Asset Management CorporationUSAUNPRI$86,018,000
Trilogy Global Advisors, LPUSAUNPRI$147,890,000
Trust CoUSA$26,593,000
Trust Co Of Toledo Na /Oh/USA$10,714,000
Trust Co Of VermontUSA$33,880,000
Trust Company of VirginiaUSA$19,290,000
Tudor Investment CorporationUSA$222,917,000
Turner Investments, L.P.USA$317,000
Tweedy, Browne Company LLCUSA$412,796,000
Twin Capital Management IncUSA$103,665,000
Two Sigma Advisers, LLCUSA$730,597,000
Two Sigma Investments LLCUSA$935,885,000
UBS Global Asset Management Americas IncUSAUNPRI$4,669,987,000
Ulysses Management LLCUSA$100,752,000
UMB Bank N A/MoUSA$415,350,000
Union Bankshares CorpUSA$12,608,000
United Bank, Inc.USA$39,777,000
United Capital Financial Advisers, LLCUSA$234,421,000
United Fire Group IncUSA$60,485,000
United Services Automobile AssociationUSA$1,505,221,000
United States Steel & Carnegie Pension FundUSA$337,714,000
Univest Corp Of PennsylvaniaUSA$14,785,000
US BancorpUSA$1,542,868,000
USS Investment Management LtdUKUNPRI$396,451,000
Utah Retirement SystemsUSA$248,796,000
Van Strum & Towne Inc.USA$11,390,000
Vanguard Group, IncUSAUNPRI$94,836,948,000
Vantage Investment Partners, LLCUSA$301,701,000
Vaughan David Investments Inc/IlUSA$176,415,000
Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, L.P.USAUNPRI-AFFILIATED FIRM IS SIGNATORY$549,134,000
Veritable, LPUSA$70,199,000
Verity & Verity, LLCUSA$20,037,000
Vestor Capital, LLCUSA$37,244,000
Victory Capital Management IncUSA$2,121,210,000
Viking Global Investors LPUSA$392,987,000
Villere St Denis J & Co /AdvUSA$57,667,000
Virginia Retirement SystemUSA$313,801,000
Visionary Asset Management, Inc.USA$2,704,000
VNBTrust, National AssociationUSA$2,018,000
Voloridge Investment Management, LLCUSA$42,368,000
Vontobel Asset Management, Inc.USAUNPRI$573,240,000
Voya Investment Management LLCUSA$1,687,062,000
Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc.USA$1,423,722,000
Wade G W & Inc.USA$17,620,000
Wafra Investment Advisory Group IncUSA$76,182,000
Wallace R. Weitz & Co.USA$67,343,000
Walter & Keenan Financial Consulting Co /Mi/ /AdvUSA$15,314,000
Walthausen & Co., LLCUSA$13,630,000
Wasatch Advisors IncUSA$233,616,000
Washington Capital Management IncUSA$13,018,000
Washington Trust BankUSA$24,335,000
Washington Trust CoUSA$116,561,000
Waters Parkerson & Co., LLCUSA$48,128,000
Waterstone Capital Management, L.P.USA$49,609,000
Wealthtrust Fairport, LLCUSA$13,752,000
Webster Bank, N. A.USA$25,124,000
Wedge Capital Management LLPUSA$946,422,000
Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLCUSA$8,390,000
Welch & Forbes LLCUSA$134,048,000
Wellcome Trust Ltd (The) As Trustee Of The Wellcome TrustUK$820,191,000
Wellington Management Company, LLPUSAUNPRI$24,156,962,000
Wellington Shields Capital Management, LLCUSA$9,367,000
Wesbanco Bank IncUSA$103,005,000
Westchester Capital Management, LLCUSA$116,458,000
Western Asset Management CoUSA$41,360,000
Westpac Banking CorpUSA$313,541,467
Westport Resources Management IncUSA$5,051,000
Westwood Holdings Group IncUSA$788,011,000
Westwood Management Corp /IL/USA$2,002,000
Wetherby Asset Management, Inc.USA$20,788,000
WFG Advisors, LPUSA$7,080,000
Whalerock Point Partners, LLCUSA$8,801,000
Wharton Business Group, LLCUSA$11,455,000
Whitebox Advisors LLCUSA$9,687,000
Whittier Trust CoUSA$103,331,000
Whittier Trust Co of Nevada IncUSA$50,637,000
Wilbanks, Smith & Thomas Asset Management LLCUSA$13,567,000
William Blair & Company, LLCUSAUNPRI$260,161,000
Williams Jones & Associates LLCUSA$113,605,000
Willis Investment CounselUSA$87,744,000
Wilsey Asset Management IncUSA$9,387,000
Winslow Asset Management, Inc.USA$38,015,000
Winslow Capital ManagementUSA$220,835,000
Winton Capital Group LtdUKUNPRI$282,354,000
Wolverine Asset Management LLCUSA$193,344,000
Woodstock CorpUSA$18,710,000
World Asset Management IncUSA$135,573,000
Yachtman Asset Management LPUSA$788,381,000
YHB Investment Advisors, Inc.USA$17,916,000
Zacks Investment ManagementUSA$209,885,000
Zions BancorporationUSA$8,280,000
Zurcher Kantonalbank (Zurich Cantonalbank)SwitzerlandUNPRI$535,846,000
Zweig-DiMenna Associates LLCUSA$50,829,000
ZWJ Investment Counsel IncUSA$78,053,000